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Microgrid Developers

If you want to build a green and sustainable microgrid, the question is how to guarantee a stable grid operation with a high share of renewable energies. Nowadays, often the maximum amount of renewable energy is curtailed. However, renewable energies have a lot of advantages. A high share saves on diesel and fuel transportation cost, makes the region more independent from external influences and more resilient. Additionally climate goals can be met. We developed a solution both for transitioning existing microgrids to higher shares of renewable energy sources as well as for building microgrids from scratch. We achieve this by optimizing your generation, storage and grid capacities with respect to line loading, voltage and frequency limits. We undertake optimal power flow and transient stability analyses for different scenarios and help you to collect data for better understanding your power system. We also  offer you customized services and reports.


Your advantages at a glance

high share of renewables

ensure sustainability

reliability of the grid

focus on quality

streamlined processes

surpass expectations


ensure feasibility

basis of decision-making

guarantee the best results

data generation and validation

keep a clear overview


Advantages of our services


high share of renewables

With our analysis, we aim for the highest possible share of renewables given your case-specific boundary conditions. This will help you to meet your climate goals and surpass the political targets and make it easier to be eligible for public funding. In remote areas, you can reduce your transportation cost since you need less diesel fuel. Further, renewables can make your energy system more resilient since you are independent from fuel price shocks or fluctuations and issues of transportation.



Traditional analysis uses rough estimates for renewable energy sources and the corresponding infrastructure and thus overestimates the size of inverters as well as batteries. However, these components significantly contribute to the overall cost and an overestimation here leads to either a low percentage of renewable energies or a higher cost for electricity distribution. Our analysis works with more accurate models saving cost.


reliability of the grid

If your grid is unreliable, blackouts occur more often and a low power quality leads to lasting damages and a shortened lifetime of grid infrastructure as well as your industrial and private customers’ appliances. With our analysis, you can check before the grid is build or changes are made to the grid if the grid can be operated with a high power quality. Further, we can advise you on how to best build grid stabilizing infrastructure.

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basis of decision-making

In the decision-making process, many stakeholders are involved with their own needs and goals. We can show different pathways to a higher share of renewables or different future scenarios and analyse the technical and economical implications. Our reports and analysis results deliver a thorough foundation for our customers critical business decisions.


streamlined processes

With our experience in project management and by structuring our processes for data acquisition, modeling and communication of results, we offer streamlined processes around our analysis. By taking into account all the details from the very beginning, we help you to stay in the scheduled time frame.


Our Services

Grid Optimisation Report

for an optimal grid

With our tools for asset management with optimal power flow solvers we minimize investment and maintenance cost and show you how to build your grid in an optimal way. Here, we point out how much capacity of which energy carrier makes the most sense for your project and on its impacts on cost and the energy mix. By also taking the grid into account, we can deliver deeper insights into the technical feasibility and static stability. This helps you to plan your resources efficiently and save cost.

Dynamic Analysis

for a stable grid

With our novel methods for dynamic or transient stability analysis, we are closer to reality than other analysis tools or consultancies. We can do estimates on the possible amount of renewable energies in the grid and give realistic recommendations on where additional infrastructure needs to be built if the share of renewables is increased. These analyses give you the assurance that there will be no problems in operation and that a high power quality can be guaranteed to your customers.

Scenario Analysis

for transparent decision making

No matter how good our engineers are: Nobody knows the future. How will diesel prices or the cost for solar cells develop? What will be political guidelines for renewable energy in the next 10 years? How many electric vehicles will connect to the grid within 5 years? In order to be prepared for changes the future might bring, we offer to develop realistic scenarios and perform grid optimisation and dynamic analysis for each scenario. This way, you are well prepared for events that are likely to happen.

Data generation and validation

to master big data

In order to perform analysis, a lot of data is needed. What are local characteristics of solar radiation and wind velocity? How to aggregate the data needed from different systems and databases? We offer solutions for these challenges helping you to deal with your data efficiently and deliver good estimates when there is no data available. We also offer the possibility to extract data from commercial software like Neplan, Homer, PSSE or PowerFactory for our analysis. Like this, we are helping you to make the most out of your data.

Individual Analysis and Services

exactly what you need

You have a different topic concerning the integration of renewable energy or grid stability you need an expert for? We offer tailored analyses, reports or trainings. Contact us and we will find a solution exactly matching your needs.